So many things are better with age, but…

8yr Old Child

The taste of fine, 10-year old wine, or a beautifully aged cheddar…or your cute kid: all get even better with age. But not your air ducts, your dryer vents, or your air filters! Eek.

Stop breathing dust, allergens, mildew, pet dander, dust mites, smoke residue, construction debris, dirt and other irritants in your home. The dust in your ducts can cause a variety of issues for your family. On average, we spend 60-90% of our time inside our home.

Ductwork and air quality is rarely thought about because it’s out of sight. Over time, dust, dust mites, skin cells, dead animals, pet hair and dander and debris build up in your ducts. This air is then circulated throughout your home ever time you turn on your air or heating system.

If you or your family members notice frequent colds, allergies, asthma flare ups, bronchitis or other respiratory issues, cleaning your ducts could dramatically improve that. At Small Solutions, we focus on air purification, HVAC maintenance and repair and duct cleaning in the northern Virginia area. We’re locally owned and operated, and have been named the friendliest HVAC company to work with in the area. Give us a call today for a free estimate and get your ducks ducts cleaned!