We have the necessary expertise as well as experience in the field of indoor air quality and air filtration.

The importance of air filtration is lost on most people. Air pollution is 5x worse indoors then it is outdoors. The biological and chemical contaminants in indoor air need to be addressed, so that those in your home or business can breathe safely and easily. With a great air filtration system, you won’t need to worry about the air in your home.

Your indoor air quality can have a bigger affect on your health then you’d think. Indoor air pollution is a something that can affect your health; what starts as some light coughing and flu-like symptoms, can turn into serious illness. It’s simple to tell whether or not you have been affected by indoor air pollution (Find out how here) but why be concerned and simply install a whole-house air purifier today to get the best air filtration.

Small Solutions LLC Heating and Air Conditioning Services offers the following residential, commercial and industrial air filtration services:

  • Whole-house air purifier installation
  • Diagnosis, repair and/or replacement of existing air filtration systems
  • Far-ranging service area covers Northern Virginia, including: Loudoun, Fauquier, Frederick, and Clarke counties.
  • Estimates, repair, and maintenance services
  • Home or Office Energy Audits
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