Where can air purifier, air filtration and duct cleaning services be used?

Did you know that a typical home contains over 60 toxic chemicals? It’s because such things as household cleaning products, carpets, furniture, paints, smoking, cooking and residential heating systems may be accumulating in the air to dangerous levels inside the house. Since things are made so air tight, these toxins have nowhere to go. They keep adding up. Hence air purifier and air filtration is required.

For businesses, the number of environmental illnesses and individual chemical sensitivity levels seems to be rising rapidly. This is adding to increasing consumer awareness about indoor air quality issues. As a result, businesses and institutions should be very concerned about the type of indoor air environment they are creating for their employees and customers before ending up with unhealthy employees (or stuck with unnecessary lawsuits). Plus, when the solution is something as simple as air purifiers – then the answer should be pretty clear.

Did you know that office buildings are designed to provide 10 liters of fresh outdoor air to every person each second…however, in some months 85% of the indoor air you are breathing is re-circulated?

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