Sanuvox air filter

We seal our homes and buildings tightly to save energy, but a downside to this is not being able to filter enough fresh outside air to lower the concentrations of biological & chemical contaminants like viruses, bacteria, mold, chemicals, VOCs, fumes and odors To improve indoor air quality we should install air filter.

Many of us use filters in our home’s ventilation system to remove harmful particulates from the air. Biological and chemical contaminants such as mold, bacteria, viruses, allergens, cooking and pet odors, cigarette smoke, and a host of other airborne pollutants are so small that they pass through even the highest efficiency filters like sand through a tennis racket.

The UVC (254 nm) and UVV (187 nm) light produced by Sanuvox UV Systems are the same two UV wavelengths produced by the Sun. The UVC wavelength attacks the microorganism on a molecular level deactivating and destroying the contaminant while the UVV wavelength oxidizes the chemicals and odors into odorless inoffensive by-products. Unlike conventional UV “stick lights” on the market, Sanuvox UV Air Filtration Systems uses a patented process designed to deliver the maximum UV dosage to the moving air.

With a 3 year Lamp life, the proprietary 18” high-intensity UV ‘J’ Lamp has all the advantages of having the intensity of two UV Lamps with the replacement cost of only one. The combination UVC & UVV wavelengths incorporated into one Lamp make biological, chemical and odor destruction possible.

We’re certified Sanuvox air filter installers and have worked with their products for years. Many of our customers tell us how much they like the systems for their performance, durability and lower cost over the long run.

Ask us about the Sanuvox products if you’re considering options for improving the air quality in your home.

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