small solutions can help when Air Conditioner Not Cooling

When it’s summer and it’s hot outside, it’s the worst time for air conditioners to stop cooling…but this is when we get the most calls, because that’s the time when you notice! There are a few ways to troubleshoot your HVAC system if your AC is not blowing cold air.

Of course, we’re going to recommend that the best way to figure out what the issue is is to contact an HVAC professional–like us! One of the main reasons is that a professional can figure out what’s causing the issue quickly and get it repaired before further damage is created. But there are a few things to know about to understand what might be happening to your system.

Common issues that cause your AC to not cool could be:

  • Power issues
  • Thermostat issues
  • Low refrigerant levels
  • Clogged filter
  • Ice buildup
  • Clogged drain
  • Dirty compressor
  • Condensate airflow switch

It could also be that your unit isn’t a fit for the space you’re using it in. Is it too small for the space you are trying to cool? Are the temperatures above normal? These can cause your AC to not cool as well, too.



One of the easiest things to check? The power. Might seem basic, but this is one of the common issues we find with our customers! If your AC is not blowing air, check to ensure that it’s plugged into the outlet correctly, and that the power cord is still intact. If the outlet and cord are fine, it could be an issue with a blown fuse in your electrical panel. Air conditioners require large surges of power, so your AC unit might have blown a fuse or tripped something (especially if you’ve had power surges or outages due to thunderstorms, etc.). Some units have overload switches built-in, so make sure you check this as well.

The old saying, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is true when it comes to your air condition system! By having a professional technician like us perform annual inspections and staying on top of any maintenance issues, you can help to avoid any potential AC outages.



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