What To Do If Your Air Conditioning Is Running Non-Stop

small solutions can help when air conditioning is running non-stop in northern va

Well, first of all, there may not be anything wrong with it. It may be that your A/C is doing what it can to cool the temperature of your space–the size of your unit may be maxed out if you have too small of a unit trying to cool a large space.

As HVAC technicians in the Northern Virginia area, we often see that a home may have a unit that is too small–but more than likely, we find that the filters haven’t been changed, or that parts of the unit have become clogged with debris and the general stuff of the outside or inside.

Sometimes some basic maintenance is all you need to help your air conditioning work more efficiently. See our short video on how to give your outdoor air conditioning unit a basic clean with a garden hose.

Most air conditioners in our area are also designed at a set point of 93ºF. That means that if it’s hotter than that outside, your unit is going to work overtime.