No, it is definitely not your imagination – the world is getting warmer.

In fact, the eight hottest recorded years happened over the past decade. If you are in Fauquier County VA, where it’s almost always warm, brace yourself for hotter days to come.

Heat can be a health threat, and senior citizens and children are at greater risk, along with people who have long-term medical conditions. Turning on the air conditioning can save you, but even these units don’t last forever. The average lifespan of the typical AC unit is 12 years, and the moment they fail is usually when you need them the most.

So many things can go wrong with your air conditioning system. At this point, you cannot afford a unit to break down. The best thing you can do? Identify these issues and fix them as soon as you can:

The Unit is Blowing Warm Air

Your AC system might be producing cold air that does not flow through the ductwork because of dirty filters. Always make sure that you have clean air filters to protect your equipment and help it perform properly. The unit blowing warm air can also be a sign of insufficient coolant, and only licensed and professional repair technicians like us can replenish the refrigerant in your unit.

The Unit Cycles On and Off

Your unit will cycle on and off if it is too large for the room. Your AC will quickly cool the room according to the temperature on your thermostat, signaling it to cycle off. When the temperature drops below the thermostat, the air conditioner will cycle on again.

The Unit Has a Clogged Condensation Line

This problem can happen when insects enter the condensation drain line or when there is a build up of mold and mildew inside.

With our highly experienced team of air conditioning service providers in Fauquier County, Small Solutions, LLC can fix any AC issues you have. We can repair your air conditioner and bring it back to tip-top condition.

We’re just a dial away if you’re from Fauquier County, VA, so call us today!

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